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Kung Fu for Children

The conception of our training takes into account both the mental/emotional as well as the physical development of children. An awareness of the child’s natural urge to move is used and channeled. The calm and concentrated atmosphere of the training is beneficial for boys and girls alike.


The Physical Body

The child’s body is strengthened. Coordination and awareness of the body improves while endurance, fitness, flexibility, and the muscular system is trained. It is important to emphasize that kung fu does not focus on specific muscle groups, but develops the entire body evenly.


The study of forms (predetermined sequences of movements) develops mental focus, determination, and concentration. The development of these skills will have a positive effect on the child’s performance at school.

Valuing Oneself and Others

We create an atmosphere in which children can cultivate a healthy self-awareness. A mental attitude, which values life and mutual understanding, is instilled. The children learn the importance of discipline, self-control, respect, tolerance, honesty, trust, and mutual support. The child’s trust in his/her own abilities grows together with his/her self-confidence, patience and evenness of temperament. Our goal is to teach children and youth in a joyful and fun way to value themselves and others.

Social Skills

The training of Shaolin kung fu develops social interaction in a group situation, as well as the ability to work in a team. Wild and unruly character types experience limits and learn to treat their training partners with respect.

Self Defense

Learning martial arts and the transmission of values go hand in hand, thereby insuring that the knowledge and skills will not be used to harm others. The children do not learn to fight, rather to protect themselves and others. As a form of self-defense, Shaolin kung fu helps children and youth to keep a cool head in difficult and dangerous situations. Armed with self-confidence and the skills of self-defense, children are able to handle confrontational situations without the use of aggression.

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