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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese sport, hundreds of years old, also known as Shadow Boxing.
Tai Chi is characterized by calm, slowly executed movements, which calmly flow from one to another.
In the practice of Tai Chi, special value is placed on a "peaceful heart", as well as the "control by use of will". When performed correctly, Tai Chi, through its effect on the conscious thought processes and the cerebral cortex, enables the practitioner to recover and regenerate very quickly during physical activity. At the same time the ability to concentrate is continually trained and enormously improved.

Likewise, the ability to coordinate the body develops, and the sense of balance improves.

Tai Chi leads to an improved activation of the central nervous system, and a better regulation of diverse organ and body system functioning.
Along side of its energizing effect, Tai Chi cultivates physical and mental relaxation, and increases the ability to react.

Breathing is an important component of Tai Chi. Through a typical Tai Chi movement sequence, combined with correct breathing, both the flexibility of the ribcage, and the elasticity of lung tissue is increased. This results in better lung ventilation, reduced breathing frequency, greater lung capacity, and a greater physical resilience in general. In practical terms, this would mean that after physical exertion, a person would not be as short-winded.

Tai Chi exerts a positive influence on blood circulation, as well. The coronary blood vessels supply of the heart more effectively, and the heart contracts more powerfully. Moreover, the artery walls relax as a result of Tai Chi practice. Additionally, blood pressure is lowered, and the lymph circulation is accelerated. All of the aforementioned beneficial effects reduce the burden on the heart enormously. Therefore, people who have practiced Tai Chi for many years have a better cardiac function, less hypertension, and very rarely develop arteriosclerosis.

Furthermore, the gentle and harmonic movements of Tai Chi contribute generally to an improved metabolic function. Clinical studies have shown that the metabolism of fat, protein, carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, and phosphates are positively influenced through the practice of Tai Chi.

The beneficial posture of Tai Chi and the manner of its movements have a very good effect on the form and functioning of the spinal column. The musculature remains strong, limber, and elastic up through old age. Accordingly, Tai Chi practitioners very rarely have problems relating to the back and neck.

The elaboration of other health benefits of Tai Chi could fill many more pages, not to mention its importance as a form of meditation.

In our increasingly fast-paced technological era, there is almost no better way to find repose, than this oasis of relaxation, which each person who masters Tai Chi can create for him/herself. Through its practice, one can gather strength and release new energies to deal with the tasks of life.

A skillful teacher with years of experience and study is of utmost importance. Kung Fu, Made in China can assure you of the skill, experience, and authenticity of its instructor, Grandmaster Shi Yan Lin. You are in optimal hands in all matters concerning Tai Chi.